President's Advisory Council

Erik J. Bitterbaum, President

Lorraine Lopez-Janove, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

John Cottone, Dean, School of Professional Studies

Richard Coyne, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Wendy Cranmer, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Lisa Kahle, Associate Vice President for Information Resources

Christopher Kuretich, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Andrea Lachance, Dean, School of Education

Jody Maroney, Director of Budget and Business Operations

R. Bruce Mattingly, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Ann McClellan, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Frederic Pierce, Director of Communications

Mary Schlarb, Assistant Vice President for Student Achievement

April Thompson, Chief of Staff

Greg Sharer, Vice President for Student Affairs

Carol Van Der Karr, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Mark Yacavone, Vice President for Finance and Management