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The Marketing Office is the steward of the SUNY Cortland identity as it is expressed across various media, and we partner with our colleagues across campus so they can participate in this exciting and rewarding endeavor.

Publications are scheduled in as timely a fashion as possible; however, individuals with projects should allow at least six weeks, including time at an outside printer, for delivery of a job. Please bear in mind that the office produces annual publications year round and must schedule unplanned projects accordingly.

Project Request Form


Prior to submitting your request

The first step in any project is to think through the goals and objectives. Please carefully consider what you hope to achieve and what key messages you need to convey to your audience.

You will need to provide the following information on the request form, so be sure to have it on hand:

  • Target audience (alumni, current students, donors, prospective students, etc.)
  • Medium (print, digital or both)
  • Project description
  • Project goal
  • Target due date, giving 6-8 weeks for production time
  • If print, approximate quantity, budget and payment account

After your request is submitted

A designer will reach out to you with any further questions, to discuss deadlines and to provide instructions on submitting the text for your project.

To ensure consistent application of the SUNY Cortland brand, as well as content that adheres to writing style guidelines, the Marketing Office retains creative authority on all projects it develops.

If we are unable to meet the deadline requirements or are unable to produce your job in-house, we will let you know up front and will work with you to help identify another resource that can handle your needs.

Next steps

The designer will work directly with the person who submitted the project request form to ensure that the completed project is what was requested.

Before anything is printed or provided digitally, you will receive a proof for final approval.

Marketing Office
Brockway Hall, Room 311