Building Details

Cornish Hall/Van Hoesen Hall

Cornish Hall/Van Hoesen Hall


Cornish Hall/Van Hoesen Hall was built in 1962. The most recent renovation occurred in Cornish (aka D wing) - 2009.
This building has 124,176 square feet.


Cornish: William Cornish, head of Math Department in 1893, Principal of Academic Department of Campus School and then returned to faculty of History Department in 1929.
VanHoesen: Ella VanHoesen, teacher and principal of the School of Practice, 1903-1938.


Also houses offices of The Learning Center (TLC), EOP, Emergency Squad, EAP, Liberty Partnership, METS, Health Promotion, Student Disability, Student Health Service, C.U.R.E., ROTC


  • Academic


  • Career Services
  • Communication Studies Department
  • Counseling Center
  • Foundations and Social Advocacy Dept
  • Literacy Department
  • Residential Life and Housing