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New York State Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


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What services are provided?

EAP offers support and referral services. Depending on the nature of the concern, an employee is referred to a program, service, or agency — usually within their own community — that can provide the help needed. New York State has a variety of health insurance plans available to employees. Each one of these plans has procedures to follow to assess alcohol, drug, mental health and medical treatment services. At times, these procedures can be complicated and confusing. EAP can help employees find access to appropriate care.

How does the program work?

EAP is free, confidential and voluntary. There is no charge for meeting with EAP Coordinator(s), and referrals are not discussed with supervisors, personnel officers, administration, or union representatives. The voluntary nature of the program means that the decision to participate in EAP is strictly up to you. A supervisor may recommend that an employee seek help from EAP, but the employee is not required to do so. 

Who will I be speaking with regarding my concern?

You can contact any of the SUNY Cortland EAP Coordinators (Kharmen, Shani, and/or Rick) who will assess each individual situation and make an appropriate referral. You can also find an EAP Coordinator at another facility using Find an EAP Coordinator on New York State's Employee Assistance Program webpage.

Why is EAP important?

Many people experience some personal or emotional concerns at one time or another. Sometimes the concerns can affect job performance. There might be time when employees experience attendance problems, low productivity, or trouble getting along with co-workers and supervisors. These issues can result in disciplinary actions and threats to job security, but if an employee gets in touch with EAP in the early stages, chances are that help can be arranged before a concern becomes a problem and gets out of hand. 

Who can make a referral?

An employee can reach always out on their own. Supervisors, administration, union representatives, and Human Resources personnel can make a referral to EAP or suggest an employee seek EAP services. While these campus leaders may refer an employee, no details of the meeting, including reports on the nature of the consult or type of assistance provided, will be released to the referrer. On occasion there is a need for a confirmation that an employee followed through on meeting with a coordinator, those situations are discussed in detail with the employee during the EAP consult.

How do I pay for further resources once I am referred?

Most employees have insurance to assist in paying for necessary services. The EAP Coordinator(s) will assist you in answering questions regarding insurance.

Is EAP assistance confidential?

Yes. Any information regarding your situation is kept completely confidential. The EAP Coordinator(s) recognize(s) the sensitivity of personal situations and will not release any information regarding an employee's problem or concern.

Will my supervisor be notified?

A supervisor is not notified when an employee voluntarily comes to EAP for help. Your information is confidential. If a supervisor refers an employee to EAP, the supervisor is only told that you have contacted EAP, but is not told of any details regarding your situation.

Where will the coordinator and I meet for our conversation?

You can meet in the EAP office Winchell Hall, Room 104B, or other arrangements can be made. Virtual appointments can be requested and scheduled for Webex . 

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a service to help state employees and their families who are facing a problem in their lives. It might be a marital problem, alcoholism, drug abuse, financial strain, or perhaps a legal problem. EAP is designed to help the employee handle the problem before it affects his or her job.

Employee Assistance Program 


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