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Isa Jubran
Moffett Center, Room 129
Phone: 607-753-4326
Fax: 607-753-2971

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Mathematics Department

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Welcome to the Mathematics Department at SUNY Cortland, home to nearly 300 undergraduate and 45 graduate majors.

Studying mathematics is a challenging yet very rewarding endeavor. Whether you choose to study mathematics to become a high school teacher or to prepare for an advanced degree in mathematics, we are ready to help you achieve your goal.

As a mathematics major you will learn to think critically, reason logically, and solve problems. These are skills that many employers find highly desirable, but it is not all about jobs and money. Doing mathematics is a natural human activity practiced by many cultures for thousands of years. Our primary aim is to give you a solid foundation in mathematics that will help you appreciate its power, beauty and usefulness.