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Faculty Detail

Amy C. Schutt

Research Interests: Native American history, history of children and youth



Ph.D., History, Indiana University

M.A., History, Indiana University

B.A., Earlham College



Undergraduate: Western Civilization to 1715 (HIS 110); United States to 1877 (HIS 200); Historical Methods (HIS 290); New York State (HIS 309); Native American History (HIS 314); History of American Education (HIS 415); Special Topics: History of Children and Youth in America (HIS 429); Seminar in History (HIS 490); Pre-practice Teaching Seminar (AED 301); Student Teaching Seminar (AED 402); and Student Teaching supervision (AED 400 & 401)

Graduate:  Issues in 19th Century U.S. History (HIS 524); Special Topics: Native American History (HIS 529); Issues:  Early American History (HIS 550)



Selected Publications:



Peoples of the River Valleys:  The Odyssey of the Delaware Indians (Early American Studies series, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007).


Book Chapters:

(With Christopher Vecsey), “Religious Ferment among Eastern Algonquians and Their Neighbors in the Eighteenth Century,” in The Cambridge History of Religions in America:  Volume I:  Pre-Columbian Times to 1790, ed. Stephen J. Stein (Cambridge University Press, 2012), 349-68.


“Delawares in Eastern Ohio after the Treaty of Greenville: The Goshen Mission in Context,” in Contested Territories: Native Americans and Non-Natives in the Lower Great Lakes, 1700-1850, ed. Charles Beatty-Medina and Melissa Rinehart (Michigan State University Press, 2012), 111-36.


“Female Relationships and Intercultural Bonds in Moravian Indian Missions,” in Friends and Enemies in Penn’s Woods:  Indians, Colonists, and the Racial Construction of Pennsylvania, ed. William A. Pencak and Daniel K. Richter (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2004), 87-103.

“From Anstalt to Academy: Moravian Boarding Education for Native American Children in the Eighteenth Century,” in Chartered Schools:  Two Hundred Years of Independent Academies in the United States, 1727-1925, ed. Nancy Beadie and Kim Tolley (Routledge Falmer, 2002), 44-63.


Journal Articles:

“Complex Connections:  Communication, Mobility, and Relationships in Moravian Children’s Lives,” Journal of Moravian History 12 (Spring 2012): 20-46.


“Tribal Identity in the Moravian Missions on the Susquehanna,” Pennsylvania History:  A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies 66 (Summer 1999): 378-98.

“‘What will become of our young people?’ Goals for Indian Children in Moravian Missions,” History of Education Quarterly 38 (Fall 1998): 268-86.



The Lands Would Be Entirely Theirs Again: Indians and the Seven Years' War in the Ohio Valley (Booklet for Fort Necessity Battlefield, National Park Service; Fort Washington, Pa.: Eastern National, 2009).


Book Reviews published in Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History; Journal of Moravian History; The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society; Quaker History; History of Education Quarterly; The Public Historian; Ohio Valley History; and the Indiana Magazine of History


Currently serving on, or have served on:  History Department Graduate Committee; Search Committee for African History Position, 2010-11; Teacher Education Council  and TEC Assessment Committee; General Education Committee; History Department Curriculum Committee; SUNY Cortland Rural Education Association for Teaching Excellence; Native American Studies Committee