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Luo Xu

Luo Xu

My research interests include: social, cultural, and intellectual changes of modern China, and Sino-American relations


  • Ph. D. in History, University at Buffalo
  • B. A. and M. A. in History, Capital Normal University (Beijing, China)


  • HIS 101: World Since 1500
  • HIS 150: World Since 1900
  • AST 200: Introduction to Asia
  • HIS 290: Historical Methods
  • HIS 383: Chinese Civilization
  • HIS 384: Modern China
  • HIS 385: History of Japan
  • HIS 386: Modern Pacific Asia
  • HIS 435: East Asian-American Relations
  • HIS 533: Issues in Asian History
  • HIS 630: Colloquium on Modern China
  • HIS 648: History and Philosophy of History



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Various college and department committees; speaker at Central New York Social Studies Conferences and several local/regional high schools; language services for local elementary and high schools; and contributor to the Central New York Chinese magazine.