Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement

The Foundations and Social Advocacy Department at SUNY Cortland promotes a reflective, critical, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the multiple and shifting contexts and practices of education.  Faculty and students advocate for social justice and equity in education through teacher preparation emphasizing foundations of education, urban education, and inclusive education.

Vision Statement

The Foundations and Social Advocacy Department envisions an equitable and just world, where the needs of all people are heard, valued, and met.

Core Values

Educational and Social Equity

  • Identifying and confronting inequity
  • Teaching effectively in high-need environments
  • Increasing diversity of the teaching force, especially among underrepresented groups


  • Recognizing disability as a civil rights issue
  • Welcoming and respecting all students, their families, and the wider community
  • Challenging all teachers and students to realize high expectations

Advocacy for Systems Change

  • Critically analyzing social systems and structures through an interdisciplinary approach
  • Creating a culture of activism among ourselves, our students, and the broader community
  • Promoting collaborative working relationships among teachers, schools, universities, and communities