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Cori McKenzie

Cori McKenzie

Cori McKenzie is an assistant professor of English Education and the coordinator of the MAT program in English Adolescence Education. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in language pedagogy, research in the teaching of English, adolescent literature, and children’s literature. She also serves as a supervisor for student teachers.

Cori’s research investigates how teacher education courses can help preservice English teachers develop and maintain equity-oriented approaches to English Language Arts pedagogy. She also researches the 7-12 English Language Arts curriculum. She is currently exploring how nonrepresentational discourses can inspire teachers and scholars to rethink the relationship between literature instruction and social change.  


Ph.D. in Curriculum Instruction and Teacher Education, Michigan State University (2017)

MA in English Education, University of Iowa (2012)

B.A. in English with Teaching Certification in secondary English Language Arts, Grinnell College (2006)




AED308: Grammar and the Writing Process

AED 376: Student Teaching: English, in the Middle School              

AED 377: Student Teaching: English, in the High School

ENG 373: Literature for Children

ENG 374: Literature for Adolescence


AED 668: Language Development in Adolescence

AED 663: Research in the Teaching of English           

ENG 619: Seminar in Literature for Adolescence



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McKenzie, C. (2017). Meeting the great challenge: What growth-oriented writing of the 1960s and 70s can teach us about uniting the individualistic and social aims of English Education. Changing English, 24(1), 91-102.

McKenzie, C., Macaluso, M., Macaluso, K. (2017). Finding footholds in a construction zone: Navigating the discourse of English Language Arts with pre-service teachers in the 21st century. In Innovations in English Language Arts Teacher Education, ed. Hallman, H.L. Bingley, U.K.: Emerald Group Publishing.

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Juzwik, M. & McKenzie, C. (2015). Writing, religious faith, and rooted cosmopolitanism in/and/for education: A portraiture of two American Evangelical men in a public school English classroom. Written Communication, 32(2), 121-149.

Macaluso, M., & McKenzie, C. (2014). Exploiting the gaps in the fence. In S. Connors (Ed.), The Politics of Panem (pp. 103-121). Boston, MA: Sense Publishers.


English Adolescence Education Curriculum Committee, member

Teacher Education Council, Member

Field Experience Advisory Committee, Member

Adolescence Education Council, Member