Dr. Davalos

Andrea Dávalos, Associate Professor



Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, B.S.
Cornell University, MSc,  Ph.D.


Teaching Interests

Introductory Biology, Conservation Biology, Applied Biostatistics and upper-level electives such as a course focused on interactions between herbivores and their host plants (Plant & Herbivores)

Research Interests

My research focuses on the ecology and management of invasive species.  I seek to develop tools to assess the impacts of plant invasions and their management in the context of other co-occurring threats, such as white-tailed deer herbivory and invasive earthworks.  My current projects include documenting the distribution and impacts of invasive jumping worms; implementing and assessing a biocontrol program for pale-swallow wort; and evaluation ecosystem responses to deer herbivory, nonnative earthworms, and management of invasive pale-swallow wort.  I work with land managers to coproduce ecological knowledge and provide information and tools to support conservation decisions.  Mentoring undergraduate researchers is the most rewarding aspect of my job.