Dr. Banerjee


  • Santanu Banerjee,
    Assistant Professor

  • Office:     Bowers Hall, Room 1321
  • Lab:         Bowers Hall, Room 1320
  • Phone:     607-753-5442
  • Email:      santanu.banerjee@cortland.edu


BS and MS: University of Calcutta, India

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Research Associate: University of Pennsylvania
Research Assistant Professor: Syracuse University

Courses Frequently Taught

Cell Biology

Scholarly Interests

We are interested to understand how the Central Nervous System (CNS = brain + spinal cord) forms and functions. The CNS is composed of many different types of neurons. Neurons are grouped in different types based on their functional characteristics, which include: the neurotransmitter they use (neurotransmitters are chemicals that neurons make and secrete to communicate with other neurons and non-neuronal cells), their location within the CNS and the connections they make within and outside the CNS. Every neuron connects to many other neurons and often to a variety of non-neuronal cells in a stereotyped yet complex manner.  Establishing these connections is crucial for the proper execution of any behavior. 

Using zebrafish, a simple vertebrate model organism, we aim to understand how different types of neurons form during early development and how they connect to each other and to their non-neuronal targets, for example, to body muscles required for locomotion. Deciphering the mechanisms behind these fundamental biological processes will not only strengthen our understanding of the formation and functions of the nervous system, but will also provide insights into how to repair nervous system damage following spinal cord injury or in diseases affecting the CNS. 

Relevant Publications