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Faculty Biennial 2022: Martine Barnaby - "Window Dressing"
31 January - February 25, 2022

Barnaby's video and sound two-channel animated projection is on display until February 25 at the Critique Space. 

“Window Dressing is an immersive glimpse into the artist’s eyes that was obtained in a medical scan of their interiors during an exam. Through images that are typically magnified for the purposes of examination or discovery, this exploration uses hyper-exaggerated imagery to reveal an aspect of a living organism, amplified and mined to obtain information for visual representation that the unaided human eye cannot see. It is a window, a conduit, that invites one to be present in a space that is not ordinarily revealed. This narrative examines the duality of left and right, the emotions of light and dark, through fabricated aquatic organisms.

It is often said that ‘eyes are the window to the soul,’ conceptualizing that one may understand a person’s emotions and thoughts by looking into their eyes. Window Dressing is defined as “a practical yet superficial or distorted presentation of something designed to create a constructed impression.” If we look into one’s eyes, do we perceive their thoughts and emotions, or do we see what they want us to see, a practical, constructed pseudo-reality, a ‘window dressing?’

As artists, we study to understand the brain’s functionality across its hemispheres. Imagination, holistic thinking, intuition, feelings, visualization, and daydreaming

are delegated to the brain’s right side. In contrast, the left side of the brain
is associated with logic, sequencing, linear thinking, facts, and thinking in words. The projected images are an interpretation of juxtaposition, left and right, interior and exterior, depicting the vast complexities and innumerable emotions of the soul through corporeal and visual projection.”

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