Accepted Students

Accepted international applicants will receive an official acceptance letter from the Admissions Office along with instructions concerning the next steps.

Admissions deposit

Accepted undergraduate applicants must submit a $200 admissions deposit by the date listed in the acceptance letter. This deposit shows your commitment to SUNY Cortland and reserves your place in the entering class. The deposit also allows us to notify other campus offices of your pending enrollment.

If you are a transfer student and may have credit that can be applied toward the completion of your program, you should visit the Credit for International Students page to review our evaluation policies and procedures.

Immigration paperwork

When the International Programs Office receives notification of your academic decision, they review your immigration documents, including financial statements, to determine if you are eligible to receive the Form I-20. If eligible, you will receive a welcome packet that includes the I-20 and information concerning your arrival on campus.

Visit the International Student Services page for additional information and help with your paperwork.

Contact us

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