Outstanding Writing Awards

Thank you for your interest in the Outstanding Writing Awards!

The Outstanding Writing Awards recognizes excellence in students’ writing in the following categories: the Collin Anderson Memorial Awards in creative writing (which includes digital/multimodal, poetry, fiction, nonfiction) and the Writing Across the Curriculum Awards (which includes the Kathy Lattimore First-Year Writing Award, and awards for the Arts and Sciences, Professional, Education, and Graduate courses).

Students: You may submit to as many writing awards categories as you would like, but please submit the same piece of writing to only one category.

Faculty: We encourage you to submit on a student's behalf, but please try to limit yourself to 3-4 exemplary entries for any one course/award category.

Submit to the Outstanding Writing Awards.

Questions may be directed to Kati Ahern at katherine.ahern@cortland.edu

2022 Outstanding Writing Awards Winners

Collin Anderson Memorial Awards


Winner: “A Mutated Sonnet for English Teachers and Their Complicated Work” by Maeve Brady

Honorable Mention: “Strawberry Cream Puffs” by Meagan Conway


Winner: "Our Hill of Stars" by Caroline Sweikata

Creative Nonfiction

Winner: “Untitled” by Savannah Domachowske

Honorable Mention: “How That Which Life Bears Also Saves: A Narrative on Literacy and Recovery” by Andrew Haaland


Winner: “Untitled” by Peter Rogati

Honorable Mention: "Organization Proposal" by Megan Haaland

Writing Across the Curriculum Awards

Kathy Lattimore-First Year Student

Winner: “Law Enforcement and Interactions with People with Disabilities” by Jonathan Flannery

Honorable Mention: “Untitled" by Meghan Miskovic

School of Arts & Sciences

Winner: “Development of Self-Esteem Throughout Adolescence, Emerging Adulthood, and Young Adulthood and Its Correlations with Socioeconomic Status" by Gianna Muscolino

Honorable Mention: “Afropessimism: An Agency Reduction Formation Analysis” by Keyonna Fieser

School of Education

Winner: “Impact of Black Teachers on Student-Teacher Relationships” by Caesare German

Honorable Mention: “What is Education with No Teachers?” by Kara Thurston

School of Professional Studies

Winner: “The Widespread Impacts of Outdoor Pollution in China: Why Greater Interventions are Necessary” by Morgan Weatherby

Graduate Studies

Winner: “Aesthetic Experience as Cure for Melancholy in Keats's Poems of 1820 and the Hyperion Project" by David McLeod

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