Self-Study Timeline and Documents

2022 Self-Study Timeline
Timeline Description
Spring 2020 Self-Study Designed submitted and approved
Spring 2020-Spring 2021 Working groups gather and analyze evidence
Summer 2021

Working group final reports shared with campus

Writing group integrates findings of working group into first draft

September 2021 Draft of self-study shared with campus and revised
October 2021 Update and call for feedback on self-study draft (pdf)
Fall 2021 Visiting Team Chair preliminary campus visit and feedback on self-study
December 2021 Revised self-study draft shared with campus for feedback and revision
Spring 2022

Final draft of self-study sent to Visiting Team

Visiting Team comes to campus and writes a team report

Campus response to team report

June-November 2022 Commission review and actions

2022 Self-Study Documents

2022 Self-Study Presentations

2017 Periodic Review Report Documents

2012 Self-Study Documents