Middle States/Organization and Work Groups

Self-Study Steering Committee and Working Groups

Steering Committee

  • Lynn MacDonald, Physical Education/Middle States Faculty Co-Chair
  • Stephen Cunningham, Director, Institutional Research and Analysis
  • Jaclyn Pittsley, English/Chair of UUP, Cortland Chapter (or Designee)
  • Oscar Walters, Senior Grounds Worker, CSEA Designee
  • Thomas Gallagher, Chair, Cortland College Council
  • Jennifer McNamara, Art and Art History/Chair, General Education
  • R. Bruce Mattingly, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Andrea Lachance, Dean, School of Education
  • Mark Prus, Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • C. Gregory Sharer, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Carol A. Van Der Karr, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Middle States Co-Chair
  • Margaret DiVita, Health/Former Faculty Senate Chair
  • Abby Thomas, Director, Advisement and Transition
  • Peter Perkins, Vice President, Institutional Advancement
  • Nance Wilson, Literacy, School of Education

Working Groups (*indicates Steering Committee Member)

1.  Mission and Goals
       Chair              Nance Wilson*, Professor, Literacy, School of Education
                                          -Former Chair of Literacy Department

                                Bonni Hodges*, Distinguished Service Professor, Health
                                          -Former Chair of Health Department
                                          -Sabbatical Spring 2021

        Members          Jose Feliciano, Associate Director of Admissions
                                          -SUNY Cortland Alumni

                                 Thomas Frank, Director, Research and Sponsored Programs

                                 Regina Grantham, Associate Professor, Communication Disorders and Sciences
                                          -Executive Committee, Faculty Senate
                                          -Former Chair of Communication Disorders and Sciences

                                 Kathleen Lawrence, Professor, Communication and Media Studies
                                          -Former Chair of Faculty Senate Frederic Pierce, Director, Communications

2.  Ethics and Integrity

       Chairs                Greg Sharer*, Vice President, Student Affairs, Co-Chair

                                  Mark DePaull, University Police Chief, Co-Chair

       Members            Gary Evans, Associate Vice President, Human Resources

                                   Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Professor, Philosophy
                                           -Director, Center for Ethics, Peace and Social Justice
                                           -Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee of Faculty Senate

                                   Nanette Pasquarello, Director, Career Services
                                            -Former Title IX Coordinator

                                   Donna Videto, Professor, Health
                                            -Chair, Faculty Development Committee

                                    Susan Wilson, Associate Professor, Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies

3.  Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

        Chair                    Lynn MacDonald*, Professor, Physical Education, Co-Chair
                                             -Former Faculty Senate Chair

        Members             Carol Costell Corbin, Associate Director, Transfer Credit and Degree Completion
                                             -College Curriculum Review Committee
                                             -Former General Education Committee

                                     Philip Gipson, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
                                              -College Curriculum Review Committee

                                     Christopher Ortega, Assistant Professor, Communication and Media Studies
                                              -College Curriculum Review Committee
                                              -Educational Policy Committee

                                      Jenn McNamara, Associate Professor, Art and Art History Department
                                              -Former General Education Committee Chair

                                      Kimberly Rombach, Associate Professor, Childhood/Early Childhood Department
                                               -Former Chair of Childhood/Early Childhood Department

                                      Mary Schlarb, Director, International Programs

                                      Student Government Association Representative

4.  Support of Student Experience

         Co-Chairs              Abby Thomas*, Director, Advisement and Transition

                                       Anne Burns Thomas, Professor, Foundations and Social Advocacy
                                                -Coordinator of Cortland Urban Recruitment of Educators Program
                                                -Chair, President’s Council on Inclusive Excellence

         Members               Ronnie Casella, Associate Dean, School of Education

                                       Tom Cranfield, Senior Associate Director of Athletics

                                       Esa Merson, Director, The Learning Center

                                       Wendy Miller, Associate Professor and Chair, Geography
                                                -Co-Director, SUNY Cortland Regional GIS Lab

                                       Mark Yacavone, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management

                                       Student Government Association Representative

5.  Educational Effectiveness Assessment

          Co-Chairs              Andrea Lachance, Dean, School of Education
                                                -Unit Head for CAEP Teacher Education Accreditation

                                        Laura Davies, Associate Professor, English
                                                -Director of Campus Writing Program

          Members               Rebecca Bryan, Associate Professor, Physical Education
                                                -Student Learning Outcomes Committee

                                        Vincent DeTuri, Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences,
                                                -College Curriculum Review Committee
                                                -Student Learning Outcome Committee

                                        Eileen Gravani, Associate Dean, School of Professional Studies
                                                -College Curriculum Review Committee

                                        Christopher Kuretich, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
                                                -Student Learning Outcome Committee

                                         Jolie Roat, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
                                                -Student Learning Outcome Committee

                                         Carol Van Der Karr*, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
                                                -Student Learning Outcome Committee

6.  Planning, Resources and Institutional Improvement

           Co-Chairs              Carol Van Der Karr, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

                                         Kathleen Burke, Economics, School of Arts and Sciences

           Members               Erin Boylan, Executive Director, Alumni Engagement

                                         Kathleen Burke, Professor, Economics

                                         Anna Maria Cirrincione, Director, Multicultural Life and Diversity

                                         Bruce Mattingly, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
                                                -Institutional Planning and Assessment Committee

                                         Zachariah Newswanger, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
                                                -Chair, Facilities Master Plan Oversight Committee

7.  Governance, Leadership and Administration

           Co-Chairs              Peter Perkins*, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

                                         Thomas Gallagher, Chair, College Council

           Members               John Cottone, Dean, School of Professional Studies

                                         Margaret DiVita, Associate Professor, Health
                                                -Former Chair, Faculty Senate

                                         Jerome O’Callaghan, Associate Professor, Political Science

                                         Jaclyn Pittsley, Lecturer III, English
                                                -President, SUNY Cortland United University Professions (UUP)

                                         Oscar Walters, Senior Grounds Worker
                                                -Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) Representative

                                         Student Government Association Representative

8.  Evidence Inventory

           Co-Chairs              Stephen Cunningham*, Director, Institutional Research and Analysis

                                         Chris Widdall, Associate Professor, Childhood/Early Childhood
                                                -Cortland Watermark Coordinator

           Members               Tania Das, Associate Director, Institutional Research and Analysis

                                         Casey Hickey, Web and Digital Marketing Specialist

                                         Jennifer Kronenbitter, Director, Libraries

                                         Joshua Peluso, Director, Systems Administration and Web Services

9.  Compliance

           Co-Chairs             Bruce Mattingly*, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences

                                        Karen Gallagher, Director, Financial Aid

          Members               Mark Dodds, Professor, Sport Management
                                                -Graduate Faculty Executive Committee

                                        Thomas Hanford, Executive Director, Registrar's Office

                                        Lisa Kahle, Director, Campus Technology Services

                                        Michelle LoGerfo, Assistant Director, Web and Digital Marketing

                                        Rebecca Nadzadi, Director, Student Conduct