Registration FAQ

When is Summer Session 2018?

Summer Session includes multiple terms of varying lengths. The Summer Session terms and dates are:

First Day of Class Last Day of Class
10-Week Session May 16 July 31
Session I May 16 June 20
Term A May 16 June 4
Term B June 5 June 20
Session II June 25 July 31
Term C June 25 July 12
Term D July 16 July 31

Classes will not be held on May 28, July 4, and July 5.

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When can I register for Summer Session 2018?

Registration for Summer Session takes place during the Spring Semester. Specific dates and an overview of the registration process will be posted here in early 2018. 

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How many credits can I take during Summer Session?

Undergraduate students may take 7 credit hours of coursework in each Summer Session (I and II). Graduate students may register for a total of 8 credit hours in each session.

Terms A, B, C, and D feature some intensive 3-credit hour courses. You may only take one 3-credit hour course during each of these terms. You may, however, take an intensive course and a longer course at the same time. For example, you cannot take two 3-credit hour courses in Term A, but you may take a Term A course and a Session I course at the same time.

We welcome visiting students to take up to 11.5 credit hours of undergraduate coursework or 9 credit hours of graduate coursework during their studies at SUNY Cortland. These credit hour limitations include all study at SUNY Cortland, not just during one semester. Before exceeding these limits, you will need to apply for admission.

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Can I register for Summer Session I and II at the same time?

Yes. We encourage you to register for all Summer Session courses at the same time to secure seats in your desired courses. You can, however, register for a course up until the first day of the term in which the course falls, if seats are available.

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If I decide not to complete a course, what do I do?

If you decide not to take a course before the term has started, you may drop the course through the online registration system in myRedDragon.

After the term has started, you will need to drop or withdraw from the course. Visit the Withdrawals and Refunds page for more information, including links to the appropriate forms.

The date that you officially drop or withdraw will also impact your tuition liability and the potential for a refund. More information can also be found on the Withdrawals and Refunds page, as well as on the Student Accounts page.

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I have questions about a course. Whom should I contact?

You are welcome to contact the academic departments or schools with course-specific questions. If you are unsure of whom to contact, you can start with the Extended Learning Office or the Associate Dean's Office for the specific school.

Extended Learning/Summer Session Office

Associate Dean, Professional Studies

Associate Dean, Education

Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences

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