Clark Hall

Clark HallClark Hall was built in 1965 and is named after William H. Clark who was the chairman of Cortland’s local board from 1891-1925.

Clark Hall provides suite ad corridor style living on each floor. A renovation in 2000 added designed single rooms and a fully equipped kitchen on each floor. Like the rest of our residence halls, Clark Hall is managed by a full time professional residence hall director (RHD) who both lives and works in the hall.

Clark Hall Highlights

  • On each floor where residents reside, there is a kitchen available to the residents of that floor. This kitchen is equipped with a sink, stove/oven and a microwave.
  • The recreation lounge located on the ground floor is equipped with a pool table, ping pong table and a big screen TV.
  • The laundry facilities and vending machines are located on the ground floor; you use your College ID as a form of payment for the vending machines. The cost for use of the laundry machines is included in your dining plan.
  • There are common area spaces located on the first floor and ground floor where students can relax or study outside of their residence hall room.
  • The student staff office and the RHD’s office are both located on the first floor of Clark Hall.
  • Student mailboxes are located on the first floor.
  • An elevator allows access to all floors.
  • The corridors are co-ed by room.

Clark Hall Room Dimensions:

Please be aware that these dimensions are approximate and may vary from room to room.

Corridor Double
                12.7' x 14.6' floor
                4' x 7' window
                Free-standing closets 

Design Single

Rooms that end in 11 or 12 such as 711 are 9’ x 11’

Rooms that end in 23 such as 523 are 9’ x 14’

Suite bedroom
                12.2' x 14.6' floor
                4' x 7' window
                Free-standing closets

Suite Common Area
                12.8' x 14.9'
                33.8' x 5.5' hallway
                3.7' x 6.6' window 

Photo Gallery

View the Clark Hall Photo Gallery.

Clark Hall Staff

Residence Hall Director (RHD)

Clark Hall is managed by a full-time professional residence hall director (RHD) who both lives and works in the hall.

Haley Georgia

RHD Office Phone: 607-753-4153
Student Staff Office Phone: 607-753-2929

Resident Assistants (RA)

Each floor has a resident assistant, totaling seven RAs in Clark Hall.

Administrative Assistant (AA)

There is one administrative assistant. This student staff member is responsible for distributing your mail, maintaining the staff office and assisting the RHD with tasks.