Teacher Education Candidate Review Committee

The Teacher Education Candidate Review Committee (TECRC) is a standing committee of the Teacher Education Council (TEC).  The committee is comprised of the Associate Dean from each school, a member of the teaching faculty from each school, a representative from University Police, a representative from the Academic Grievance Tribunal, and the Director of Student Conduct.  The TECRC monitors candidate behaviors and dispositions since our candidates work in schools, with children, and are sometimes in close contact with vulnerable populations and their parents.  Thus, candidates who violate our student code, our academic integrity policy, or local, state or federal laws require review and oversight as a means of ensuring that they will be responsible adults, represent our college and the profession well, and can be trusted to work with children.

The TECRC meets bi-weekly during the academic year to review candidate applications to the teacher education programs and any candidate self-disclosures of inappropriate behavior.  TECRC continually assesses candidate qualifications at various checkpoints, and notifies applicants who are under review of committee decisions regarding consequences.

For more information see SUNY Cortland Teacher Education Review Committee Brochure.

Please note:  Due to the confidential nature of the decisions rendered by the Teacher Education Candidate Review Committee minutes of their meetings are not publicly posted.