Action Team

Action Team interns learn by doing

They design and manage projects that help people live better lives.

The Institute for Civic Engagement’s director provides resources that help interns succeed.

Action Team interns have developed –

  • Professional skills.I realized that I’ve been able to connect my internship experiences to my profession. I feel a lot more confident.”
  • “Soft skills” and self-knowledge. “The biggest skill is taking the initiative. In high school, you’re told what to do, but in this Team, you can do whatever you want to do in your project. That’s the greatest (and the hardest) thing about it.”

Since launching in spring 2018, Action Team interns’ many accomplishments include

  • Creating three new student-oriented stress-management projects
  • Creating and conducting the Team’s Antiracism project
  • Creating BridgeCortland, which organizes civil and informed discussions that help college students bridge their opposition on controversial topics.
  • Conducting events such as debates, panel discussions, and public deliberations on current issues. So far, more than 400 people have participated in those events.
  • Composing articles for the Cortland Standard, the Family and Child Counseling Services of Cortland County’s newsletter, and the Institute for Civic Engagement’s newsletter

Action Team internships are open to all SUNY Cortland students, beginning with those in their second semester.  Students can opt for 1, 2, or 3 credit hours.

The spring 2021 Action Team interns described their experiences in their April 15 Sandwich Seminar.  The recording is at Sandwich Seminar: I Learned by Doing - The Action Team Interns    

For more information, email  To apply, email your cover letter and resume to that same email address.