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Welcome to JoSE: The SUNY Journal of the Scholarship of Engagement. We—JoSE’s co-founders and managing editors—are pleased to launch the only open access scholarly journal dedicated to the SUNY community of Applied Learning practitioners.

As the first of its kind in the SUNY family, JoSE provides a platform for sharing resources, in turn strengthening inter-institutional and inter-community connections. JoSE also serves as a forum for developing new applied learning pathways and for assessing ongoing and past projects.

By setting out JoSE’s origins and aims in these editorial prefaces to our first regular issue (June 2020), we seek not just to make clear JoSE’s relationship to the SUNY vision of applied learning, but also to contextualize JoSE in terms of the larger realm of engaged scholarship.

JoSE Joins Juried Journals

On October 30, Dr. Laura Dunbar (English) officially launched the SUNY the Journal of the Scholarship of Engagement (JoSE).

With the help of Jennifer Kronenbitter (Director of Libraries) and Jennifer Parker (Discovery Services Librarian), this open-source applied learning journal is located on their website.

JoSE’s Introductory issue will be published in January 2020.

Managing Editors Dunbar and John Suarez have recruited Associates, including members for the journal’s Board of Directors. Those individuals are

  • Ann Emo, SUNY Buffalo State. Chair and Associate Professor, Theater Department
  • Barbara Barton, SUNY Cortland. Associate Professor, Health Department
  • Carol Youngs, SUNY Cortland. MS Ed., Financial Aid.  
  • Cheryle G. Levitt, SUNY Delhi. Assistant Dean, BSN/MS Programs, Professor, School of Nursing,
  • John Draeger. SUNY Buffalo State. Director, Teaching and Learning Center, Professor of Philosophy
  • Laura Trottier, SUNY Office of Applied Learning. Program Assistant
  • Peter R. Sawyer, Hudson Valley Community College. Chair, History, Philosophy, & Social Science, and Director of the Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
  • Seth Gilbertson, SUNY Central. Associate Counsel
  • Susan C. Perkins, SUNY Central. Director of Programs and Services, University Center for Academic and Workforce Development,

Dunbar and Suarez are continuing to recruit JoSE Associates, including a Marketing Associate, authors, and peer reviewers.

For more information contact Laura Dunbar.