RF-2011 W-9 Information


IRS has released a new version of the W-9 form dated January 2011.

Please make arrangements to use the new form. If you have hard copy forms in supply, please discard them and replace with the new form.


  • The“checkboxes” for federal tax classification, which are required, have been changed. Main changes were to corporations and trust/estates.
  • The section in the instructions on backup withholding removed the actual backup withholding tax rate
  • Instructions added that a payee must provide updated information if tax status or reporting impacts change
  • Instructions emphasized that the payee must provide a new W-9 if name or TIN changes

W-9 Background:

The IRS form W-9 is provided by the IRS as the form to collect a U.S. Citizen or Resident Alien for tax purposes official name, address, TIN and tax status for tax and reporting purposes. Nonresident alien for tax purposes complete IRS form W-8BEN.