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RF-2011 W-9 Information Page


IRS has released a new version of the W-9 form dated January 2011.  

Please make arrangements to use the new form. If you have hard copy forms in supply, please discard them and replace with the new form.


·       The “checkboxes” for federal tax classification, which are required, have been changed. Main changes were to corporations and trust/estates.

·       The section in the instructions on backup withholding removed the actual backup withholding tax rate

·       Instructions added that a payee must provide updated information if tax status or reporting impacts change

·       Instructions emphasized that the payee must provide a new W-9 if name or TIN changes

Portal procedure links:

The portal procedures were not impacted. When using RF tools and procedure references such as Tax Decision Tool and Tax Forms in the portal procedures, the link will take you to the current form.

W-9 Background:

The IRS form W-9 is provided by the IRS as the form to collect a US Citizen or Resident Alien for tax purposes official name, address, TIN and tax status for tax and reporting purposes. Nonresident alien for tax purposes complete IRS form W-8BEN.