Part Six: General Policies and Procedures for Enrollment

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Part Six Contents

Chapter 600: Undergraduate Admissions Office

600.01 General Purpose

The Undergraduate Admissions Office assists new first-year and transfer students throughout the enrollment process in an effort to attract students who are academically strong and add to the diversity of SUNY Cortland’s campus. The office also leads programs and events that connect prospective students with academic departments, student service offices and many other opportunities at the university.

600.02 Services and Functions

Admissions recruitment encompasses many forms of outreach. Staff members travel to college fairs hosted at high schools, community colleges and other large venues throughout the fall and spring, with some advisors specializing in territories such as New York City and regions outside New York state. The office also organizes various campus visit programs that welcome prospective students and their guests to SUNY Cortland, ranging from daily tours to bus trips to large Open House events. Communication efforts include email through the university’s customer relationship management software, digital campaigns and print publications.

SUNY Cortland accepts applications through the Common Application and the SUNY Application. The Admissions Office reviews more than 12,000 applications annually while overseeing the admissions process for all first-year, transfer and Educational Opportunity Program students. The office also awards scholarships to new students. Prospective students can contact the office about various topics spanning academics, campus life, admissions criteria, required application materials and more.

Advisement and Transition coordinates official credit evaluation for college credits already earned. The readmission process for undergraduates is managed by Student Registration and Record Services. The Graduate Admissions Office oversees admission to programs that award master’s degrees and advanced certificates.

Chapter 610: Graduate Admissions Office

610.01 General Purpose

The Graduate Admissions Office directs recruitment, the online application process and the notification of admissions decisions for prospective graduate students, working closely with graduate program coordinators and other faculty members. The office also manages all graduate assistantship application materials.

610.02 Services and Functions

Graduate admissions recruitment efforts include local, regional and international travel as well as marketing through digital campaigns and print publications.

The Graduate Admissions Office manages and oversees the online application system for all graduate students seeking master’s degrees or advanced certificates from SUNY Cortland. Application materials are forwarded for individual review to academic departments and their respective faculty members, who make admission recommendations. The Graduate Admissions Office processes all final admissions decisions.

In addition to graduate program coordinators and other faculty members, the office also works closely with graduate assistant supervisors and the coordinator of graduate student support in Advisement and Transition. Application for the final awarding of graduate degrees is managed by Student Registration and Record Services.

Chapter 625: Registrar's Office

625.01 General Purpose

Registrar's Office is committed to offering quality, accurate and confidential service to students, faculty, alumni and outside agencies. The focus is on the maintenance of the integrity of all academic records, the verification of enrollment status of students and the execution of operational procedures as prescribed by established SUNY Cortland policy and the Family Educational Rights and Policy Act (FERPA) guidelines.

625.02 Services and Functions

  1. Provides academic transcript service.
  2. Coordinates registration and change of schedule activities.
  3. Prepares all end of term processes and provides web access for final grades.
  4. Verifies student status and attendance for scholarship awards, social security benefits and NDSL loans.
  5. Schedules classrooms 8 a.m.-9 p.m., Monday-Friday
  6. Prepares the schedule of final examinations and provides web access for faculty and students.
  7. Maintains academic records for attending (current) students.
  8. Prepares and distributes all official college forms to transact Registrar's Office business.
Distributed by

Application for Teaching Certificate (initial or professional)

Dean's Office/Registrar's Office

Application for Master's/C.A.S. Degree and Certificate

Dean's Office/Registrar's Office

Permission to Transfer Credit from Another Institution

Transfer Credit Coordinator/Registrar's Office

Withdrawal from College

Dean's Office/Registrar's Office

Leave of Absence

Dean's Office/Registrar's Office

Withdrawal from Course

Dean's Office/Registrar's Office

Pass/No Credit

Major Department/Registrar's Office

Change of Major

Major Department/Registrar's Office

Drop/Add (Post Web)

Department Chair/Registrar's Office

Audit Form

Registrar's Office

Retake a Course

Registrar's Office

Incomplete/Change of Grade/Original Grade Form

Registrar's Office

Extension of Incomplete

Dean's Office/Registrar's Office

Transcript Requests

Registrar's Office

Room Request Form

Registrar's Office

Enrollment Verification

Registrar's Office

Note: Most forms are available on the web at myRedDragon.

Chapter 630: Summer/Winter Session

630.01 General Purpose

Two summer sessions and one winter session are offered each calendar year for students to enroll in credit-bearing courses. The courses offered during the summer/winter sessions vary in the duration and frequency of the class meeting times.

630.02 Administrative Responsibility 

The Extended Learning Office is responsible for scheduling, promotion, registration and administration of Summer/Winter Session.


Chapter 640: Advisement and Transition

640.01 General Purpose

Advisement and Transition offers services and programs to assist students with academic planning and decision making and with the overall transition to college. The office coordinates the transfer credit processes for incoming and continuing/returning students. The office serves as a general comprehensive advisement resource for students and faculty and coordinates several transitional programs for all students.

640.02 Services and Functions

The office provides advising information and support to all students and directly advises a case load of pre-major students. Orientation for first-year and transfer students, COR 101: The Cortland Experience, non-traditional and adult student support, transfer student support, graduate student support, learning communities, advising workshops and faculty development workshops are provided through the office. Advisement and Transition coordinates the evaluation of transfer credits for all entering students with prior college credit or from credit-bearing examinations, as well as the coordination of permission to transfer credits process for all current students. In addition, the office contributes to relevant campus-wide initiatives.

640.03 SUNY Cortland Advisement Philosophy and Guidelines

Refer to Undergraduate Catalog Academic Policy A.02: Advisement Philosophy and Guidelines.


Chapter 645: International Programs Office

645.01 General Purpose

The International Programs Office fosters cross-cultural understanding and global awareness through study abroad and exchange opportunities for students, faculty and staff at SUNY Cortland. In addition, the office provides support services to help integrate international students and scholars into the community in order to enhance intercultural understanding among community members.

645.02 Services and Functions

A. Study Abroad

The office operates more than 50 international programs suited to the interests and needs of students and faculty across all departments. It furnishes detailed information about SUNY Cortland programs and serves as a resource for many other opportunities abroad.

B. International Students and Scholars

The office provides support to incoming matriculated and exchange international students, as well as visiting international scholars and staff at SUNY Cortland. The office currently receives dual diploma, exchange and visiting students from 22 partner universities.

C. Responsibilities
  • Supports the design and development of international programs and partnerships
  • Executes and maintains Memoranda of Understanding and Agreements between SUNY Cortland and its partners
  • Manages international student pathway and dual degree programs
  • Maintains ongoing communication and relationship with partners
  • Conducts recruitment and promotion for incoming and outgoing exchange and study abroad programs
  • Assists incoming and outgoing participants in application procedures
  • Provides information and support services to both incoming and outgoing participants with: orientation, cultural adjustment, housing and dining services, registration procedures, student health, billing processes and immigration procedures
  • Offers intercultural programming to all students
  • Administers campus-based scholarships of $1,000-1,500 for outgoing SUNY Cortland study abroad students. International students may be eligible for an annual award of $7,500 from the university.
  • Responsible for issuance of immigration documents and maintenance of Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) database for incoming and continuing students.
  • Implements risk management and assessment of programs
  • Promotes SUNY Cortland to prospective international students through a variety of recruitment initiatives

645.03 Academic Policy Regarding Study Abroad

Refer to Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog study abroad pages.

645.04 Designated School Officials

The Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) and Designated School Officials (DSOs) are the official representatives of SUNY Cortland to interact with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and to manage other immigration and program administration matters. These officials represent and speak for the school in all matters relating to F-1 students and J-1 exchange visitors, including maintaining SEVIS records to ensure compliance with federal immigration regulations. The PDSO and DSOs process all immigration paperwork for students and scholars sponsored by SUNY Cortland for F-1 or J-1 visas. The PDSO coordinates with other campuses and international agencies on immigration processing for students and scholars with J visas. The AROs coordinate with the SUNY Exchange Visitor Consortium and international agencies on immigration processing for students and scholars with J visas.

645.05 International Student Housing Policy

International students have the following housing options:

  1. Standard residence hall accommodations
    International students seeking the fullest possible integration into student life at SUNY Cortland may apply for on-campus residence hall housing. The purchase of a dining plan will be required for all residence halls, with the exception of West Campus Apartments. Residential Life and Housing will provide housing for international students during vacation periods. Additional fees may be charged for these services.
  2. Off-campus housing
    Like their American counterparts, international students at SUNY Cortland under certain circumstances may elect to find their own accommodations off campus.

645.06 International Student Language Assessment Policy

All matriculated undergraduate and graduate students whose first language is not English will take a mandatory language assessment before they begin their first semester at SUNY Cortland. The language assessment is given during the International Student Orientation and results of the assessment will determine what academic support courses, if any, the student will be required to take in their first semester at SUNY Cortland.

Chapter 650: Financial Aid Office

650.01 General Function

The SUNY Cortland Financial Aid Office exists to support the financial success of Cortland's students. The office's mission is: To provide a broad range of financial services, advice and education to our students, their families and the Cortland-area community. This mission is achieved through a strong focus on the needs of students and families and in conformity with the highest standards of ethics, regulatory compliance and technical competence.

650.02 Application Procedures

The majority of New York state and federal financial aid programs require annual submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to initiate the application process. In order to be assured of consideration for all possible funding and timely availability of funds, students must submit their completed FAFSA to the federal processor by March 1 prior to the award year. Most students will apply online, but paper applications remain available.

650.03 Award Processing

The Financial Aid Office processes application data, collects and analyzes documentation, determines eligibility and communicates with outside agencies to ensure the timely arrival of funds. Once payment has been authorized by the Financial Aid Office, all disbursements, refunds and overage checks are processed by College and Student Accounting Services. Students are responsible for carefully reading and responding to all correspondence from the Financial Aid Office. All correspondence is made to the address/telephone number of record in Registrar's Office, and students are responsible for maintenance of these data.

650.04 Office Structure

Each student has an assigned financial aid advisor who is responsible for coordinating the student's package, processing the student's awards and providing financial advice and counseling. Students with financial difficulties or processing questions are encouraged to set an appointment with their advisor. In the rare event that the assigned advisor is unable to address a problem to the student's satisfaction, the student may ask for an appointment with the associate director or director.

650.05 Deferral of Charges

The Financial Aid Office is authorized to defer payment of billed charges against approved financial aid. Deferral of charges is not permitted until the student has provided all necessary documentation and allowed for a reasonable processing time. Students who apply late or fail to provide documentation in a timely manner must make suitable payment arrangements with College and Student Accounting Services and will be reimbursed as appropriate when late financial aid funds arrive.

650.06 Veterans Benefits

The Financial Aid Office is SUNY Cortland's liaison to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Students seeking VA benefits should apply through their VA regional office. The university is responsible for enrollment certification and benefit processing. Students receiving VA benefits are entitled to a deferral of charges upon positive confirmation of pending payment by the VA.

650.07 Federal Work-Study

Students who are awarded under the Federal Work-Study Program will be placed into positions by the Financial Aid Office. Preference letters will be sent to all awarded students during the summer. Students are expected to report to their supervisors during the first week of classes to establish work schedules.

650.08 Scholarships

All institutional scholarships are coordinated by the scholarship coordinator in the Financial Aid Office. The scholarship coordinator also maintains records of various outside scholarships and posts frequent notices of such opportunities through the university's electronic communications systems.

Policy on nondiscrimination: Scholarships are awarded based on merit or financial need or a combination of both. When awarding scholarships, it is the policy and practice of SUNY Cortland not to discriminate on the basis of age, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, predisposing genetic characteristics, marital status, gender, disability, familial status, pregnancy, arrest record, conviction record and military status, including Vietnam-era veterans, special disabled veterans and other eligible veterans.

650.09 Emergency Loan Fund

A limited amount of funding is available through the Financial Aid Office to assist students with short-term funding deficiencies. No interest is charged on these loans, which are generally repaid when financial aid funding arrives. Emergency loans are not available to students who have not completed all necessary financial aid forms and provided all required documentation.