Faculty-Led International Course Proposal Process

Since 2010, SUNY Cortland’s portfolio of study abroad programs more than doubled, from 24 to 55, with more new programs in development.  Programs include semester-long study at exchange partner universities, internships, and student teaching. The greatest growth, however, has occurred in the creation of new shorter-term, faculty-led courses abroad.

These courses are proposed, planned, and offered by SUNY Cortland faculty, in collaboration with the International Programs Office (IPO) and international partners.  To ensure these courses meet the same standards for academic rigor and quality as on-campus courses, while also providing students meaningful, safe intercultural experiences, courses proposals are vetted through a special review process outlined below: 

  1. Informational with International Programs to discuss process and guidelines.
  2. Curriculum review through the College curriculum review process.
  3. Faculty member compiles and submits to the chair and dean a study abroad course proposal with details such as the syllabus, travel itinerary, desired learning outcomes, and an assessment of potential course viability and sustainability.
  4. Review by chair and dean.
  5. IPO reviews the proposal, considering factors such as potential student demand, resources required, safety and risk concerns, and cost to students.
  6. Provost review.
  7. IPO submits the proposal to SUNY Office of International Programs for review.
  8. If System Administration approves, the program can be offered and promoted to students.
  9. Program assessment and request to continue, and where applicable, modify the program.  Curriculum or SUNY approval might be needed for substantive changes to the course.

Faculty interested in developing new study abroad programs are encouraged to consult with the IPO as early as possible.  The proposal, planning, and recruitment process for successful, quality, well-subscribed programs generally takes from 12 to 18 months.  The deadline is January 15 for summer and fall Programs, and September 15 for winter and spring programs at least one year prior to the desired program launch year.  

For more information, please contact the International Programs Office by phone at 607-753-2209 or email at studyabroad@cortland.edu.