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Services Provided by Institutional Research and Analysis (IRA)

IRA can provide reports that are term-based or census-based using officially reported data disaggregated in different ways. You may view over IRA samples here. The office develops these reports from an institution-wide, term-based perspective based on three primary sources.

(1) Data ultimately originating in Banner (e.g. for enrollment, retention, and graduation rates).

(2) Institution-wide assessment instrument sources like surveys.

(3) Other sources. For example, the office has limited access to human resources and finance data.


For data more operational or unit-level in nature such as lists of students, individuals are encouraged to contact the appropriate functional office (e.g., Information Systems, Registrar's Office, Human Resources, Financial Aid). These offices are more knowledgeable about day-to-day and unit-level data. Feel free to contact IRA and the office will try to direct you to the right place.


Banner Data-Based Reports

IRA can provide reports based on datasets ultimately originating from Banner, frozen each term on census dates, and reported to SUNY, New York State, and the federal government. Enrollment, retention, and graduation rates can be broken out by different demographic (e.g. race/ethnicity) and academic variables (e.g. GPA). Fall term data is generally the standard for official yearly reporting purposes. However, reports based on other terms can also be provided. See Annual Report Data for samples of these kinds of reports and IPEDS reports. Custom reports can be requested.


Survey Reports

The office conducts the institution-wide surveys listed below and can custom analyses or support upon request based on the data gathered from these surveys.


New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) Data Reports

Human Resources, Finance, and Financial Aid Data Reports – the office has less knowledge of and access to these kinds of data and may frequently refer you to the respective functional office for more information. Aggregate data that the office reports in these areas to the federal government can be found IPEDS Reports page.


Other Services

  • One-on-one consultations on the scope of data IRA can provide
  • Training on IPEDS Data Center and SUNY BI (Business Intelligence) upon request (limited).
  • Research methodology
  • Assistance with data interpretation
  • Predictive modeling


Faculty and staff can request a custom analysis, report, or other service or support by contacting Interim Director and Associate Director Dr. Stuart Daman ( or Office Assistant 2 Katherine Gustafson (




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