Faculty Development Committee


Faculty development involves improving the professional activities of faculty. These activities normally include teaching, the pursuit of scholarship, and the establishment of an intellectual climate that will enhance the experiences of all those involved with the college. As with most faculty endeavors, improvement of these activities rests largely with the individual. However, the institution can provide an environment in which faculty development is most likely to take place.

The State University of New York College at Cortland takes seriously the provision of such an environment. It attempts to do so primarily through building among its faculty a sense of community, where communication about professional activities is easy and open, so that individuals can explore with others new ways of being more effective teachers and scholars. In this regard, creating institutional ways of bringing faculty together and promoting collegial interaction is the highest priority. The College recognizes also the need to pursue initiatives that are likely to make the professional endeavors of faculty more exciting, rewarding, and effective, and it commits significant resources to achieve these ends. Thus, institutional efforts in faculty development may also include grants for teaching initiatives and research, lecture programs, teaching and research award programs, educational programs on new teaching and research technologies, and more.


  1. Promote intellectual activity and interaction on campus
  2. Pilot new initiatives related to faculty development (ex. Book Chats, Panel Discussions, New Faculty Orientation, Mentor Program, Writing Workshops, etc.)
  3. Recognize and promote effective teaching
  4. Mentor new faculty in terms of reappointment/tenure/promotion (Portfolio Development)
  5. Support faculty initiatives (e.g. Writing Group)
  6. Provide forum for conversation on issues related to teaching
  7. Develop a climate for widespread and institutionalized faculty development


Faculty Development Committee Members

  • Katherine Ahern
  • Brian Barrett
  • Lauren Delaubell
  • Evan Faulkenbury
  • Tara Mahoney
  • Gillian Mertens
  • Susan Wilson

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