Public Access Defibrillation Program

Welcome to the SUNY Cortland Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program website. We hope to answer many of the questions you might have concerning this important campus-wide program.

For additional information concerning the PAD Program, contact Eric Monsen. For CPR/AED certification please email Corey Ryon

Campus Defibrillator Locations, 2018-19

Wall Mounted Units

  • Alger Hall (two units) – first floor next to information desk and fifth floor next to elevator
  • Alumni House (one unit) – first floor entrance to the lower level
  • Berlew Building (one unit) – main floor lobby
  • Bishop Hall (one unit) – main floor lobby
  • Bowers Hall (three units) – main entrance lobby, ground floor by room 37 and second floor room 241
  • Brockway Hall (one unit) – second floor lobby by elevator
  • Casey Tower (three units) – first floor lobby, fifth and eighth floors next to elevator
  • Cheney Hall (two units) – First and third floor lobbies
  • Child Care Center (one unit) – information desk at Main entrance
  • Clark Hall (two units) – main entrance in alcove, and fifth floor next to the elevator
  • Commissary/Receiving (one unit) – main lobby
  • Corey Union (two units) – main lobby next to the information desk, and third floor by elevator
  • Cornish Hall (one unit) – third floor, across from room 1395
  • DeGroat Hall (one unit) – lobby of the first floor
  • Dowd Fine Arts Center (two units) - main lobby to the right of the theater entrance, and second floor next to room 232.
  • Dragon Hall (one unit) – main entrance lobby
  • Education Building (two units) – second floor by elevator and first floor by room 1104
  • Fitzgerald Hall (one unit) – main floor lobby
  • Glass Tower Hall (one unit) – main entrance lobby
  • Hayes Hall (one unit) - main lobby
  • Hendrick Hall (one unit) - main lobby
  • Higgins Hall (two units) - south entrance in alcove and on the fifth floor next to the elevator
  • Lusk Field House (one unit) – left entrance from the front alcove
  • McDonald Building (one unit) – main lobby
  • Memorial Library (two units) – main entrance, and the second floor by the Archives Office
  • Miller Building (two units) – outside the first floor Admissions Office, and on the third floor by the elevator
  • Moffett Center (two units) – outside of room 129 and outside of room 105
  • Neubig Hall (one unit) – main lobby across from the College Store
  • Old Main (one unit) – main lobby
  • Park Center (three units) – front entrance outside the Physical Education Department (or southeast entrance), first floor between Woods Fitness Center and the equipment room and second floor between the ice arena entrance and Poolside snack bar
  • Professional Studies Building (three units) – Campus entrance alcove, adjacent to room 1134, adjacent to the Communication Disorders and Science Department office
  • Randall Hall (one unit) – main lobby
  • Service Group Building (one unit) – main lobby
  • Shea Hall (one unit) - main lobby
  • Smith Tower (three units) – second, fifth and eighth floors by the elevator
  • Sperry Center (one unit) – main entrance by Room 106
  • Stadium Complex (two units) – Chugger Davis Building alcove and Stadium Field House locker room alcove
  • Student Life Center (Five units) – main Entrance area, first floor near the pool, second floor hallway, 2nd floor SE corner of the running track, Bistro dining area by the emergency exit
  • Transportation Building (one unit) – break room
  • Van Hoesen Hall (one unit) – garden entrance on the first floor
  • West Campus Apts. (one unit) - main entrance in the Recreation Building
  • Whitaker Hall (one unit) – main entrance
  • Winchell Hall (one unit) – main lobby

Mobile Units

  • Athletic Training Program (eight units) – Park Center, Room C-232
  • Health Services (one unit) - Van Hoesen, Room B-26
  • Recreation Sports Program (three units) – Student Life Center, Recreational Sports office
  • Student Emergency Squad (two units) – Van Hoesen, Room A-23
  • University Police Department (one unit) – Whitaker Hall, Room 119


  • Outdoor Education Center at Raquette Lake (three units) – Antlers kitchen, Huntington kitchen, Water Treatment Building
  • Brauer Education Center (one unit) – main lodge (summer only)