Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12) Major

Learn how to teach the Spanish language to students of various ages. In addition to taking classes in Spanish language, literature and culture, you’ll study foreign language teaching methods and educational psychology. You’ll develop multilingual communicative skills for a wide range of purposes, develop language skills, cultural awareness and the pedagogical background necessary to teach Spanish in grades 7-12 in New York state.

Career Potential

  • Spanish in the elementary school when you take the K-6 extension class
  • Middle school teacher
  • High school teacher

What Will I Learn?

Most of your credit hours will be focused on Spanish, but you will also take courses in

  • Adolescence education
  • Health
  • Psychology
  • Students with disabilities
  • Literacy

Special Features

  • Study abroad
  • Internship opportunities
  • Language clubs
  • Foreign language learning center
  • Foreign Language Early Start (FLES) methods course for K-6 certification extension

Get Involved

College is more than a classroom. Enhance your experience with extracurricular opportunities. Tutoring students in levels lower than yours solidifies your own understanding.

Student Clubs

Honor Societies

Sigma Delta Pi, National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society

Next Steps

Contact Us

Office: Old Main, Room 228-B
Phone: 607-753-2021
Fax: 607-753-5965

Fast Facts

Cortland was home to the first study abroad program within SUNY in the early 1960s.

Type of Degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Credit Hours: 120


SUNY Cortland recognizes excellence in its students with awards and scholarships.

  • Award for Excellence in Spanish

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