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Various companies and government agencies are interested in our graduates, with opportunities existing in mineral and water resources, waste management, environmental protection, mined land reclamation, land planning, and soil conservation. Teachers receiving the Adolescence Earth Science degree and New York State Certification are immediately employable.

Resources for Geology Job Seekers

This page is designed to help Cortland Geology graduates prepare for entering graduate school or the work force, either in industry or in education. Students graduating with a Geology degree from SUNY Cortland are well prepared for a variety of careers. However, most options for geology students involve further education and involve a graduate degree; typically a Master's of Science degree for many industry positions or a Doctor of Philosophy degree for some industry and most academic positions.

Thinking about graduate school in geology?

Geoscience career information and job listings

  • Positions in the Petroleum Industry  A listserver and web posting site that lists all sorts of jobs and internships in the geosciences--everything from summer internships for students, entry-level positions, to academic professorships.
  • Careers in the Geosciences  A site hosted by the American Geological Institute about careers in geosciences.
  • PALEONET Jobs page  Mostly academic positions in paleontology, but lists some graduate school opportunities and entry level positions.
  • AWG Job Web the American Association of Women Geologists, site on geoscience jobs and profiles of women geoscientists.

Trying to find a teaching position?

Other internet employment resources

  •   A very large database of positions in all fields. Definitely worth a look. You can also post your resume here.
  • USA Jobs  U.S. Government job listings.