College Writing Committee

The College Writing Committee is a provost-appointed committee charged with overseeing the College’s Writing Program. The structure of the College Writing Committee includes representation from the College’s three schools, the administration, the Composition Program, the English Department and The Learning Center. The campus writing coordinator is a permanent member and the committee chair.

The College Writing Committee Oversees 

  • the writing-intensive course requirement
  • the annual college writing contest
  • faculty development workshops
  • book chats
  • readings by faculty writers
  • occasional writing summits
  • the Writing Fellows Program
  • Seven Valleys Writing Project/National Writing Project
  • the Learning Commons Writing Center
  • online writing tutoring, with The Learning Center

Committee Members

Brian Barrett
Associate Professor
Foundations and Social Advocacy (Special Education and Urban Education) 
Cornish Hall, Room 1224
Phone: 753-2330

Cynthia Benton
Childhood/Early Childhood Education
Cornish Hall, Room 1207
Phone: 753-4631

Sarah Beshers
Associate Professor
Moffett Center, Room 108 
Phone: 753-2985

Victoria Boynton
Associate Professor
Professional Writing
Old Main, Room 113C
Phone: 753-2082

Laura Davies, Chair
Assistant Professor
Director of Campus Writing Programs
Old Main, Room 113-D
Phone: 753-2074

Jennifer Drake
Academic Tutor
The Learning Center

Van Hoesen Hall, Room B-205
Phone: 753-2361


David Franke
Associate Professor
English and Professional Writing
Old Main, Room 117-E
Phone: 753-5945


Lauren Stern
Instructional Services Librarian
Memorial Library, B-208


Judith Vanbuskirk
Associate Professor
Old Main, 210_E

Carol Van Der Karr
Associate Provost 
Academic Affairs
Miller Building, Room 404
Phone: 753-2206