Economics Department

A comprehensive curriculum, distinctive learning opportunities and an accomplished dedicated faculty are among the many reasons for studying business economics or economics at SUNY Cortland.

Our business economics program offers course work typical of a traditional business administration major, but with a much stronger foundation in economic theory and applied economics. You’ll be able to explore international trade and finance, economic development, money and banking, or environmental economics, plus interesting and timely topics related to government spending, globalization and the importance of politics and our economy.

Your classroom learning will be integrated with internships and other real-world experiences. You’ll also have opportunities to do research with faculty, such as examining the economic impact of the New York Jets summer training camp on Cortland County.

A Cortland economics degree offers ideal preparation for graduate or law school, or for a successful career in business, management, investing or public policy.

SUNY Cortland hosting Black liberation activists

Members of the Black Panther Party will speak on their experiences on Feb. 17.

Bernie Sanders’ economic advisor to speak

Economist Stephanie Kelton will discuss modern monetary theory. 

Poverty assistance expert to speak

Social researcher Maggie Dickinson will discuss how public policy abandons the poor.

Unfairness in student debt is topic

A Hofstra University professor finds women bear a bigger load.

Spanish artist to discuss depiction of immigration

Juan Gallego's forthcoming graphic novel, The Plague, deals with tragic events.