Resources for Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teachers Forms and Valuable Links

Thank You! We appreciate your support and effort with all our student teachers. We hope you will find the links and resources below useful.
Childhood/Early Childhood Education Office
Department Chair - Dr. Andrea LaChance

Cooperating Teachers Forms and Valuable Links


Online Student Teacher Evaluation Instructions for Cooperating Teachers

1.Go to 
(Please note between teacher and login is an underscore ex: teacher_logon) 
2. When you are at the site you will be asked for a user name/ password:
3. After you login click Process Student Teacher Evaluation
4. You will be at the screen labeled Active Cooperating Teaching Assignments, click on the student name for whom you want to evaluate.
5. Click insert or update for the time period you want to complete the evaluation for. You can also update your contact information and your past cooperating assignments with SUNY Cortland.

For further information or help please do not hesitate to call the Field Placement Office at 607-753-2824.