Stadium Parking

Parking, operated by the SUNY Cortland Stadium Complex Staff, inside the Complex is operated on a per event basis. The scheduled event user of the Stadium Complex will provide a parking list, with the names of all authorized guests allowed to park in the lot, no less than 24 hours prior to the start of the event, to the Stadium Manager. Only names on the provided list will be allowed access into the Stadium Complex to park and all other spots are reserved for accessible parking.  All other users looking for parking will be directed to one of the adjacent parking lots surrounding the Stadium Complex or the Route 281 parking lot.

Parking Map

There is no general public parking allowed inside of the Stadium. Please note that there is absolutely no tailgating allowed anywhere inside the Stadium Complex.  All vehicles should be parked inside the lines of a legal parking space unless otherwise granted permission by the Stadium Manager or staff.

Parking for People with Disabilities

Vehicles that have a valid parking for people with disabilities license plate or hang tag (placard) and have pre-purchased tickets for all guests inside the vehicle will be directed to park in the accessible spots or closest available parking space inside the Stadium Complex.

The Stadium Complex Staff ask that all guests follow the directions given as they are here to assist you in making the event as safe, enjoyable and convenient for everyone attending.