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Program and Event Descriptions

All events require preregistration. This can be done using the form sent home in the newsletter, by calling the office or using our web registration pages.  Please use our calendar to find the registration pages.

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Additional Events

Summer Programs

College Theater

ACE Grade Level Campus Visit

Gallery Talk and Tour

Regional Institutes

Individual Campus Tours/Admissions Visit

Welcome Orientation

Campus Events

Schools of Thought

TC3 and Auburn College Fairs

Required Group

Summer Programs:  These programs will typically be held on one of our four college campuses. There is a variety of offerings and each workshop indicates the grade levels best suited to attend each event. ACE will send out a separate flyer for summer workshops with detailed information about dates, length and who should participate. There are programs for students only and programs for both students and families over the summer.

Past programs have included:

  • Writing Process– 2-day program
  • College is in Your Future–1/2 day program
  • What's the Science Behind our Food Science–1/2 day program
  • Study Skills– 2-day program
  • Career Explorations–1/2 day program
  • World Wide Webucation– 3-day program
  • SAT, PSAT, etc. -1/2 day programs: Test Prep and/or Practice Tests

Campus Visits:  These are field trips designed for each grade level and occur during the school day.  Each grade level will only miss one full day of school and on occasion have an opportunity for a ½ day event.  Students who participate in a Campus Visit will have an opportunity to explore a variety of topics related to college preparation, career exploration, how to choose a major, how your education level can impact your budget as well as campus tours.  These are designed to help students set goals, increase exposure to all aspects of college life and create a focus for their future all in an effort to give them the tools necessary to make well-informed decisions about college and careers.

Regional Institutes:  These are workshop-based events to include both parents/guardians and students.  Each Regional Institute is developed based on evaluations from past events to include topics in high demand.  Typically these are held at one of the participating high schools and are approximately two hours in length.  In an effort to provide a large variety of learning opportunities the topics covered at each Regional Institute vary from event to event and year to year.  We encourage all participants to take advantage of as many of these events as possible. Past topics have included: college search, college fit, financial aid, a panel of admissions representatives, social media safety, writing essays, scholarship options, career-specific topics and so much more.

Welcome Orientation: For new ACE members and their families.  This event helps to set up the goal of going to college and gives newcomers an opportunity to ask questions about how ACE works and it true benefits.  After joining ACE in the spring, an invitation will be sent home with the details of the event.  Typically students join ACE at the end of 8th grade but any student who has enrolled in our program after that is also invited to attend this program.

School of Thought: These are events focused on a single or group of career topics.  Our hope is to enhance the career lessons and work done at each high school by providing a different look at what types of careers are available.  Both ACE students and parents/guardians are invited to explore the topics covered in these programs.

Additional Events (These are events offered on college campuses, but are not planned by the ACE office.)

College Theater: Each semester our supporting colleges provide tickets to ACE members and their families to enjoy college theater productions.  The specific productions and dates are listed in the fall and spring ACE newsletter. 

Gallery Talk and Tour: This event is held each May to showcase SUNY Cortland’s student work.  Attendees are treated to a private tour of the Dowd Art Gallery and a conversation with each of the artist.

Individual Campus Tours: (ACE Event Confirmation Form):  Part of the college search process is conducting your own research about each college of interest.  When ACE students and families set up a campus tour and visit on their own, credit is given when the College Visit form is signed by an admissions representative and returned to the ACE office.  We believe that learning as much as you can about colleges, what they have to offer and how they differ is an vital piece to making the “right” decision in a college. 

Campus Events:  This is a catch all category for any other event that may occur on a campus when it is made available to ACE members.  Typically events such as lectures, concerts, visits to the planetarium would fall into this group.  Each year Tompkins Cortland Community College and Auburn High School host a large College Fair.  When students attend the College Fair at either location they earn credit toward becoming an ACE Scholar.

Sporting Events:  Occasionally, ACE members are given the opportunity to enjoy a college athletic competition.  These events come about during the semester and are not always in the newsletter so watch the website and Facebook for announcements for these events.