Call for funding requests

Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies (CGIS) Funding Request Guidelines

  I.    Funding requests must be in alignment with the CGIS Mission (Updated May 2011)

The mission of the Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies (CGIS) is to foster and develop equity and respect for social, racial, ethnic, cultural, economic, sexual orientation, and environmental justice and diversity within the campus and larger community.  The Center educates about systems of oppression and discrimination, and strives to enable mutual respect and understanding of cultures and underrepresented groups.  The Center focuses on the development of diversity across the curriculum; the promotion of research; the facilitation of student, staff and faculty development; and the recommendation of policy.

II.            Funding requests must be submitted by the beginning of each semester

A call for funding requests to the Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies (CGIS) will be announced at the beginning of each semester.  CGIS funding applications will be accepted on a rolling basis for up to $200.

III.            Funding request forms must be completed in their entirety

Funding requests to CGIS must include a completed funding application (see attached CGIS Funding Request Form), including the statement explaining how the requested funding support will be used to advance the mission and vision of CGIS.

IV.            Questions should be directed to the CGIS Office

Please direct any questions to the CGIS Office located in Old Main, room 122. 



CGIS Funding Request

 1.      Contact person responsible for this request:

Name _____________________________

Department/Club/Organization _____________________

Campus Address ____________________

Campus E-mail Address __________________________

Campus Phone # ____________________

Cell or Home Phone # ___________________________

 2.      Type of Request:  ____ Event/Activity       ____ Materials       ____ Other

          a.       Name and credentials of presenter or artist: _______________________________________________________________

           b.      Title and description of event, materials, or other: __________________________________________________________

          c.       Date of event (if applicable): ____________________ 

                    Time: __________________

                    Location (Building) ________________________________

                    (Room) _____________

                    N.B. Applicant is responsible for booking the location and arranging audio/visual

           d.      Other (describe): ________________________________________________________________________________

3.      Sponsoring committee(s)/club(s)/organization(s): ___________________________________________________________________

Office Use Only:

Date Request Received: _____________ Date Request Processed: ______________

Decision:  _____ Funded   _____ Not Funded

If funded, amount awarded: ____________

4.      Amount of funding requested from CGIS            $ ____________________

5.      Please list other sources of funding sought in support of this proposal and the amount(s) both sought & committed:

Committee/Organization/Department Amount Sought Amount Committed

6.         Please briefly explain how the requested funding will be used to advance the mission & vision of CGIS:


7.         If your request is approved please send an invoice, an account number that funds should be transferred to, or the name of the person whom the check should be made out to.

Please return this application to

 CGIS Office

Old Main, Room 122