For Parents

What will Sophia’s Garden look like for my child?

  1. SUNY Cortland Students read a popular children’s book to children weekly in groups.
  2. Discuss new vocabulary words.
  3. Ask children philosophical questions about ideas in the book.
  4. Children discuss concepts with each other and learn to agree or disagree with each other respectfully and explain why.
  5. Children can reflect by writing their ideas down at the end of the discussion.

Potential Benefits to Children

  • Learn to ask questions and attempt to answer them themselves.
  • Positive reading experiences.
  • Discussions with peers they may not otherwise have.
  • Exposure to new vocabulary.
  • Listen to others’ ideas.
  • Meet a new college student buddy.
  • think about books, ideas, and each other in new ways.
  • Share ideas with peers.

Based upon the work of Thomas Wartenberg at Mount Holyoke College, Philip Cam, and others who came before us, Sophia’s Garden helps encourage philosophical inquiry and language enrichment for children.

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