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S.C.A.L.E. - SUNY Cortland Achievement and Leadership Excellence

S.C.A.L.E. is a seven-week series that touches on the most important aspects of developing effective leadership skills. Students who attend at least six of the seven seminars will receive a leadership certificate after completing a brief reflection paper at the conclusion of the series. All students are invited to attend and do not need to register in advance.

This semester's seminars will take place Monday evenings from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Corey Union Exhibition Lounge.

The dates, presenters and topics of discussion are as follows:

Feb. 9 - Speaker: Cathy Smith, health educator
"Do you know your personal leadership style? This fun, interactive workshop will help you define your personal style, highlighting strengths, limitations and how to work effectively with others."

Feb. 16 - Speaker:  Michael Sgro, executive director of Alumni Engagement
"All college students have a network that they rarely tap into while they are current students. This session is designed to showcase the SUNY Cortland alumni network and how to build relationships, expand professional networking skills and optimize your use of LinkedIn and other platforms."

Feb. 23 - Speaker:  Melissa Wilson and Rachael Forester, interim assistant directors of                         Multicultural Life and Diversity; residence hall directors
"Through this interactive workshop, students will gain valuable experience in identifying personal bias, engaging in difficult conversations, and working through their past experiences to help develop them into allies for a variety of groups."

March 2 - Speaker:  David Kilpatrick, assistant professor of psychology
"People in all sorts of leadership positions can find themselves in difficult situations in which they are tempted (or directly told) to stretch the truth. This presentation draws from various psychological principles and shows how this 'truth stretching' is unnecessary and how it actually fosters a vicious cycle that requires even more misleading comments in the future. The reason people mislead others will be discussed. Alternative perspectives and strategies will be presented to show how one can be truthful in all circumstances."

March 9 - Speaker:  Molly McGowan, former lead consultant at the Center for Quality at Binghamton University; president of Monarch Consulting
"This workshop is designed to teach students a handful of basic 'tools' that can be used for effectively gathering data to make positive change in any sized organization. Students will have 'hands-on' participation to learn the basic tools of positive, neutral facilitation."

March 23 - Speaker:  Brian Tobin

March 30 - Speaker:  J. Richard Kendrick, Jr., director of Institute for Civic Engagement; professor of sociology/anthropology
"By understanding interests, rather than focusing on positions, you can often find integrative and long-lasting solutions to what appear to be complex and intractable problems. In this session, students will learn the difference between positions and interests, and will learn how to use interests to find solutions to problems."

Dinner is provided after each session.  Free and open to all SUNY Cortland students.  

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