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Transformations 2020

This year, the Transformations Committee received proposals from over 170 students to present talks or posters at Transformations 2020.  This is the highest level of participation that we have seen in the last several years. We were unable to host Transformations as planned on April 24 but we are pleased to share the abstracts in our online conference program (PDF).

In addition, some of our students’ papers, PowerPoint presentations and posters have been uploaded in digital format to the Digital Commons repository that is maintained by SUNY Cortland’s Memorial Library.

It is gratifying to see the high level of interest in Transformations, which reflects the importance of student research and applied learning on our campus. The members of the Transformations Committee would like to congratulate all of the students on their accomplishments in research and creative activity, and extend thanks to all of the faculty mentors who make such experiences possible.

For more information, please contact the Arts and Sciences dean’s office by phone at 607-753-4312 or email Meghan VanDeuson.

About Transformations

In 2012, a new emphasis on student research lead to a name change to Transformations: A Student Research and Creativity Conference. It is through the process of research and creative activity that we make discoveries that produce new knowledge and understandings that transform our disciplines. The world around us can be transformed through meaningful applications of this new knowledge, and we can transform students’ lives by providing them with opportunities to participate in original research and creative projects.

A highlight of the academic year, this event focuses on student research, which is defined as an original investigation or creative activity through the primary efforts of a student or group of students. The work should show problem-solving skills and demonstrate new conceptual outcomes. We are encouraged and invigorated by the increasing level of student research that we are seeing and understand that it is only possible through the ongoing efforts of faculty who provide leadership and mentoring.

Generally, the event begins with a keynote address that is followed by presentations and poster sessions. In addition to attendance by members of the campus community, invitations are extended to area high schools, our elected representatives and to the Cortland community at large.

Support for Transformations has been provided by the President's Office and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Office. Special thanks to the Student Alumni Association for providing volunteers.

Transformations Committee

  • Martine Barnaby, Art and Art History
  • Connor Berg, Campus Activities
  • Kevin Dames, Kinesiology
  • Laura Eierman, Biological Sciences
  • Kaitlin Flannery, Psychology
    Rhiannon Maton, Foundations and Social Advocacy
  • R. Bruce Mattingly, Arts and Sciences (Chair)
  • Erin Morris, Sport Management
  • Lisa Mostert, Campus Technology Services
  • Jill Murphy, Health
  • Kimberly Rombach, Childhood/Early Childhood Education
  • Meghan VanDeuson, Art and Sciences
  • Hilary Wong, Memorial Library

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