Full Review Application

Category III: Full Review

There are three levels of IRB review. Of them, full review is the most demanding and potentially time consuming. Therefore, investigators should ensure that full review is required for their study before beginning an application.

Full review is reserved for activities that do not fit an exempt or expedited category; activities that present greater risk than one might encounter going about one's normal daily life activities (i.e., greater than minimal risk); and/or when the participants to be recruited are at risk, simply by virtue of their status (e.g., prisoners, persons who are cognitively impaired, infants/children, etc). Any feature of a study, presented at any phase of the research (recruitment, participant population, procedures, data storage) can raise the level to full review.

Investigators are strongly encouraged to contact the IRB before preparing or revising a full review application, and stay in touch with the IRB during the full review process. The IRB Chair prepares the Full Board agenda. Therefore, the IRB Chair appreciates advanced notification that a full review application is being prepared, along with an estimate of when it might be submitted for review. If you would like assistance with identifying the appropriate level of review for your research, contact the IRB .

Full Review Application

When you have completed the application form, attach and email to: irb@cortland.edu.

Original copies of signature-bearing documents (e.g., permission letters, Appendix A) are to be sent through U.S. Mail, intercampus mail, or by fax to the IRB. If Appendix B is applicable to your research, include Appendix B as an attachment with your emailed application.

For more information contact:

Institutional Review Board
SUNY Cortland
P.O. Box 2000
Cortland, NY 13045-0900
email: irb@cortland.edu