Board of Directors


Board Officers
Position Name Contact 2 year term expires
Chair Kate McCormick Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Education Building 1244 9/30/2025
Vice Chair Vacant
Secretary Vacant

Treasurer Casey Avery Associate Director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable, Miller 310D Appointed
Board Members



3yr term expires -

Alicia Benjamin Benjamin Services, LLC 9/30/2025
Margaret Gichuru Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education, Education Building Room 1245 9/30/2024
Becky Hill Human Resources, Cornell 9/30/2025
Christopher Kuretich Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Corey Union, Room 407A

Rhiannon Maton Assistant Professor, Foundations and Social Advocacy Dept 9/30/2027
Jason Pomeroy 9/30/2027
Patricia Roiger Lecturer IV, Early Childhood Education, Cornish Hall Room 1237 9/30/2025
Lauren Scagnelli Health Educator, Corey Union, Room 2002 9/30/2027
Margaret Wetter Director of Title IX/Affirmative Action Investigator, Miller Room 309  9/30/2025
Kim Wieczorek Chair & Associate Professor Childhood/Early Childhood, Education Building Room 1241


Erika Withers Teacher, Homer Central School District


Regina Grantham Associate Professor
Communications Disorders and Sciences
Angela Thurlow  
Administrative Liaison
Jennifer Eckert-Dennison Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Miller Building Room 301