COVID-19 Safety Information

PLTL Rules

Students Who Choose to Participate in PLTL Agree to:

  • Attend every weekly PLTL session
  • Arrive on time and stay for the duration of the 90-minute workshop
  • Arrive prepared with textbooks, notes, pencils, and calculators to each workshop
  • Work actively and cooperatively within a group
  • Take part in new activities with an open mind
  • Participate in evaluations of the PLTL program
  • Refrain from distracting others in the workshop by using using laptops, cellphones, or similar devices
  • Recognize that the role of the PLTL Leader is to facilitate discussion between workshop participants, not supply solutions to problems.

Absence Policy

PLTL workshops meet once a week for 90 minutes throughout the semester. Participants are allowed up to three unexcused absences. After earning a fourth unexcused absence, the participant will be asked to leave the PLTL program. These conditions are meant to maintain steady group membership and to promote group dynamics.

What Qualifies as an Unexcused Absence?

  1. Not attending the workshop at all
  2. Arriving more than 15 minutes late
  3. Leaving more than 15 minutes early

Excused Absences

Coordinators understand life is sometimes unpredictable and out of your control. Medical emergencies and situations relating to bereavement qualify as excused absences. An excused absence does not count against the maximum number of workshops a student is allowed to miss.

  • If possible, we ask students to inform their PLTL Leader about an absence due to an unexpected emergency or development.
  • Students may also reach out to PLTL Program Coordinators by emailing about emergency situations.