Tobacco- and Nicotine-Free SUNY Cortland

SUNY Cortland has long embraced a culture of health and wellness that attracts active, well-rounded students. Our culture of well-being extends far beyond the campus. While at Cortland, our students learn the life habits, behaviors and perceptions of wellness which accompany them into the future.

SUNY Cortland is pleased to be one of the first colleges and universities in New York State to implement a 100% tobacco-free policy. In doing so, the university is supporting culture of wellness and genuine respect for the well-being of all members of the campus community and the environment.

The health threats of tobacco use have long been established. SUNY Cortland supports the findings of the Surgeon General that tobacco use in any form is a significant health hazard and therefore is committed to providing a safe and accessible working and learning environment for everyone. We aim to promote a healthier campus culture by supporting and promoting a tobacco-free environment.

Please note the university's full tobacco- and nicotine-free policy.

Blaze holds a sign saying "SUNY Cortland is tobacco-free. Please support our commitment to wellness."