TEDx 2023 Speakers

Shena SalvatoShena Salvato, lecturer in SUNY Cortland Modern Languages Department

Embracing the Freedom to FLIT: Follow Leads Intuitively Trusting: discovering ideas waiting to come through us. How I FLIT in the worlds of academia and entrepreneurship and thrive in the exhilaration of creation.

Renee HeitmannRenee Heitmann, lecturer in SUNY Cortland’s Performing Arts Department

How Kindness Can Change Your Life: Nine years ago, a seemingly simple act of kindness changed her life completely. Sharing a gift with a neighbor set her on a course of self-discovery and deeper understanding of her world.

Marcus BellMarcus Bell, assistant sociology professor, SUNY Cortland

All Black Lives Matter: Exploring My Own Double Consciousness: All Black lives matter. Those taken by the state, as well as those taken by other Blacks. If we are to dream of a more just and equitable future, we must be conscious of — and honest about — both.  

Otto JankeOtto Janke, owner, Janke Family Chiropractic in Cortland

The freedom of independence in longevity: How to take the steps needed to be independent in our next decades, to make them our best decades.

Aasha EalyAasha Ealy, defense attorney, advocate for the incarcerated

From Cancelled to Connected: How to overcome the epidemic of loneliness and the collateral consequences if the criminal justice system through being a good Samaritan.

Lee BonvissutoLee Bonvissuto, speaker, facilitator, advocate

Why are so many voices not being heard at work?: Oppressive work cultures are silencing voices and making it hard for people to be heard at work. This talk offers a roadmap to help the unheard speak up and for those in positions of privilege to hear what they have to say.

Relentless Royal Tanis“Relentless” Royal Tanis, author, mentor, motivational speaker

Tag, you’re it! The message for humanity: The message is a blueprint for humankind to heal uniquely and comprehensively by using the concept of a children's game. It will demonstrate what is possible when leaders are healed from the pain of their past.

Sarah-Pospos.jpgSarah Pospos, M.D., perinatal and sports psychiatrist

Good is the enemy of great, but so is “best”: Perfection doesn’t exist and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can get on the road to fulfillment.

Todd-Kane.jpgTodd Kane, speaker, author, hair stylist

Finding our integrity in difficult conversations: By acknowledging the feelings expressed through our bodies when triggered, we become aware of our truth, gaining perspective, a sense of peace, and confidence to move beyond our fears and limiting beliefs to healthier, more connected lives.