15th Research Symposium (2022)

CEO's 15th Biennial Research Symposium was held February 11-13, 2022, at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, NC, USA. Highlights included the following:

  • Keynote Address by Dr. Corliss Outley, Professor, Clemson University and Founder and Director of the Race, Ethnicity, Youth and Social Equity (REYSE) Collaboratory 
    • “Stand Up! Race, Freedom Calls and Outdoor Education”: Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience quality environmental and outdoor learning. Yet, for many the right to live, work, learn and play in the outdoors has been limited. The inclusion of all cannot be the work of one person or even one organization–individuals must work together to intentionally change policies, pedagogy, curriculum, culture, and systems.
    • View a recording of Dr. Outley's Keynote Address
  • Fireside Chat with Founders of CEO Panel  
    • A fascinating discussion among the following eight individuals, considered by many to be the influential founding members of the Coalition for Education in the Outdoors Research Committee:
      • Panel Members: Deb Bialeschki, Camille Bunting, Chris Cashel, Alan Ewert, Mike Gass, Karla Henderson, Leo McAvoy, Anderson Young
      • Facilitators: Tim O'Connell (Brock University) and Dan McCole (Michigan State University)
    • View a recording of the Fireside Chat.