Pre-Major (undeclared)

Pre-Major [PRE] Undeclared Major

Students may arrive at SUNY Cortland for their first year, and have yet to commit to one particular field of study, they are not alone. Many students come each year undecided about their major. Cortland’s pre-major program lets students explore the many opportunities available, and offers guidance to help choose a course of study that is a good match for an individuals talents and interests.

All incoming pre-major students are enrolled in one of our pre-major learning communities, which offer a series of courses on themes such as science, human behavior and society, democracy and government, world cultures, communication, recreation, the environment, education and ethics and other fields. The learning community will connect students with faculty, and allow for collaboration with other students while becoming familiar with the campus.

The program is designed to take courses in the first semester that fulfill the same general education requirements that all students complete, while also using these courses to sample disciplines that may be of interest. When a major is declared, most likely in the sophomore year, progress will already have been made toward completing the degree.

The entire program will help to assess abilities, learn about the career opportunities in a range of disciplines and make smart choices to reach academic and professional goals.