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Mission and Core Values

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department is to provide future educators with a set of unique experiences in the construction of pedagogical content knowledge, in the development and practice of educational leadership skills and in critical analyses of the structures and functions of schools and programs in American society. Department programs prepare teachers to provide effective child-centered, developmentally-appropriate learning environments and to advocate for children from birth to grade six, in cooperation with families and communities. Our future teachers and caregivers are prepared to transform their profession in response to the needs of children and families in an increasingly diverse and global society.

Department Core Values

Core Value: Effective Leadership

The Department is committed to developing educators to assume positions in schools, universities, and community, business/industry, government, and private/public organizations whose primary purpose is the delivery of care and educational services to children.

Core Value: Policy Formulation

The Department is committed to its role informing and influencing public policy related to children and families and care and educational practice.

Core Value: Inquiry

The Department is committed to the notion that inquiry under girds all our activities, including our understanding of professional preparation programs, the interrelationship of practice and theory which informs the profession, and the way knowledge is generated and best transmitted.

Core Value: Equity and Eco-justice

The Department is committed to the notion that respect for all people and the environment under girds our understandings of professional preparation programs. The Department is committed to developing educators who understand and teach to the diverse needs of all children and who promote understanding and respect for difference in all children. The Department is committed to developing educators who teach and advocate for a clean environment and ecologically sustainable life for all people.

Core Value: Collaboration

The Department is committed to developing educators who have effective skills for collaboration with peers, families, community members and professional constituencies in the best interests of children.