Pre Student Teaching/Student Teaching Information

A significant number of opportunities for field experience are built into the Early Childhood and Childhood Education program. All candidates in this program will complete a MINIMUM of 200 hours of observation in classroom and/or child care-giving settings BEFORE student teaching.

Courses containing fieldwork assignments

(check catalog for course description)
Hours of Fieldwork
EDU 334 25 hours infant & toddlers
EDU 331 60 hours 3-5 year olds
EDU 333 10 hours service-learning
LIT 371 30 hours grades K-2
EDU 340 60 hours grades 1-6
EDU 481 100 hours PreK-6

Course instructors coordinate the collection of Student Data Sheets the Field Placement and School Partnership Office uses to secure placements in appropriate classrooms. Under no circumstances is a student to approach a principal of school administrator without prior approval.

Course curricula indicate the assignments students are expected to complete in association with their fieldwork placements. General expectations for teacher candidates are included in the Pre-Student Teaching Handbook.

Students are required to obtain host teacher signatures to document their field experiences using the 100 Hour Log Sheet. Course instructors collect the log sheets from students and document the completion of the required hours and the associated criteria using the 100 Hour Tally Sheet provided to them by the Field Placement and School Partnership Office. Completed log sheets are kept in individual student's folders. It is highly recommended that students retain copies of completed log sheets for their own records.

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