Community Roundtables

2019-20 Community Roundtables

SUNY Cortland's Community Roundtable Series provides programs on diverse intellectual, regional and cultural topics led by college faculty, staff and community members. 

April 2020 Roundtable has been canceled

The 2020 Census in Cortland County: Counting on Everyone to Count Everyone

2020-21 Community Roundtables

  • Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020
  • Thursday,  April 1, 2021

Parking is available in the lots surrounding Park Center

Cortland County is one of many communities that do not receive the federal funding or Congressional representation that they deserve because some of their communities’ populations are typically undercounted.  Those populations include children up to five-years-old, transient populations, those living in poverty, and college students.  Join us as members of Cortland County Complete Census Count Committee describe steps they are taking to help people in under-counted groups complete their 2020 US Census survey.  Presenters include one or more representatives from the US Census Bureau, Cortland County Legislature, not-for-profits, and SUNY Cortland students, faculty, and staff.

September Roundtable

Cortland Opportunity Community: Creating Opportunity for Everyone in the Community

Presented by:
Lindy Glennon, Executive Director, Cortland County Community Action Program, Inc.
Joyce Allen, Adult Education Coordinator, Cortland County Community Action Program, Inc.
John Suarez, Director, Institute for Civic Engagement, SUNY Cortland

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019
:30 to 9:30 a.m.
Refreshments at 8:15 a.m.
Park Center Hall of Fame Room
(Room 1118)

Parking is available in the lots surrounding Park Center.

The Opportunity Community model is a national movement designed to create the types of communities we all want to live in by increasing prosperity for people living in the crisis of poverty. The program’s comprehensive approach builds on the existing strengths of the people it serves with support from businesses, social service, education, healthcare, justice, faith-based organizations and community members. The Cortland County Community Action Program, Inc. (CAPCO) is leading the effort to launch the program locally.

CAPCO Executive Director Lindy Glennon and Adult Education Coordinator Joyce Allen will describe the Opportunity Community Program process, its benefits to our community and ways to help. John Suarez, director of SUNY Cortland’s Institute for Civic Engagement, will explain how faculty, staff and students can participate in the program and make a difference in our region.