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Tom Lickona

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Talks and seminars offered by Dr. Lickona (E-mail for more information):

 For parents:

  • “Raising Children of Character: 10 Things Parents Can Do”
  • “Teaching Your Child to Make Good Decisions”
  • “How to Talk to Kids About Sex, Love, and Character”

For educators:

  • “Developing Student Character for Success in School and Beyond: What Works” (3-4 day seminar)
  • “The Road to Excellence: Best Practices from Award-Winning Schools”
  • “Developing the 8 Strengths of Character: Preparing Students to Lead Ethical, Productive, and Fulfilling Lives”
  • “The 4 KEYS to Developing Excellence and Ethics”
  • “Preventing Peer Cruelty and Promoting Kindness: 20 Strategies”
  • “Character-Based Discipline: How to Develop Respect and Responsibility”
  • “Teach Academics and Character at the Same Time”
  • “How to Help Students (and Adults) Take Responsibility for Developing Their Own Character”
  • “Educating for Character in the Sexual Domain”

For students:

  • “Becoming a Person of Character”
  • “How to Find Real Love”
  • “Sex, Love, and Character: Making the Right Decision”

For businesses and communities:

  • “Why Character Matters—And How to Foster It”
  • “How Schools, Families, and Communities Can Work Together to Raise Kids of Character”

Dr. Lickona on public radio:

Part 1: The Job of the School and Family  in Cultivating Good Character

Part 2: The 10 Essential Virtues and the Role of Parents