Student Spirituality and Interfaith Services

Student Spirituality and Cortland Interfaith Council

Tricia Wilder serves as the Interim Executive Director of the Cortland Interfaith Council (CIC) and is the representative for student spirituality and wellness on campus.  The mission of the Cortland Interfaith Council is to be the visible presence of the diverse spiritual and faith groups in the Cortland area by fostering understanding, developing relationships, encouraging education, and promoting cooperation to build a stronger community.  

Interested in being part of the growth of student spirituality on campus?  Please reach out to Tricia at and we can work together to expand the mission of CIC to SUNY Cortland.


Visit the Interfaith Center

7 Calvert St., Cortland
(corner of Prospect and Calvert streets — across the street from the Dowd Fine Arts Building)
or contact Tricia at any time.
Phone: 607-753-6737

Contact Us

Tricia Wilder, Interim Director of Interfaith Council
8 Calvert St.
Cortland, NY 13045
Phone: 607-753-6737

Building Hours by appointment by contacting